February 9, 2023


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Video bargaining from the Olympic Village.  The Chinese ordered them to be removed.  "helps"

Video bargaining from the Olympic Village. The Chinese ordered them to be removed. “helps”

Katri Lilinbera withdrew from Tuesday’s women’s sprint competition In the Beijing Olympics. However, the Finnish runner remained in the Olympic Village, because the photos and films already removed were taken on Thursday. Then they appeared on her Instagram report.

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The entire floor was flooded. “helps”

One thing about Instagram Stories is that they usually disappear after 24 hours. Now they are also gone. But Lylynpera, Fox News reports, claims that Chinese officials ordered her to do so. And they requested it because the recordings were embarrassing – Lylynpera captured the moment when part of the Olympic Village was submerged in water that I ran over the walls in the falls.

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“Pomusi” – this is how the Finnish runner signed one of the films. You can see how the entire floor is covered with water, where the electrical equipment is located. Lylynpera has also shared other recordings and photos. Including the arrival of the crew who showed up with full protective gear to fix the error and polite chaos. And also a screenshot of Chinese officials asking her to remove all videos from her social media.

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The Chinese write about the case. ‘circles of rumors’

New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV), a Chinese television station that broadcasts from New York, and writes for itself as an independent, is also reporting on the case. “A few days ago, a video of the roof was leaking in many places on foreign social media. There are rumors on the Internet that this is an apartment in an Olympic village in Beijing, where Finnish athletes reside.” NTDTV reports.

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Chinese TV reported that the incident sparked heated discussions among the Chinese trainees – including. on Twitter where other users mocked them. “Send Finnish athletes to a psychiatric hospital as soon as possible,” “Province of Finland, because Finland You insult China ”- these are just some of the comments.

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NTDTV has announced that no material has been found in Lylynpera’s Instagram account to prove this. TV reporters base their knowledge on the American social network Reddit, where some English-speaking netizens may have posted a fake post that “the Chinese Communist Party asked Finns to remove videos from Twitter and Instagram.”