“Letters to M.6.”  Massage Store on set!  He previously spoke of a “lack of courage.”

“Letters to M.” It was first shown in 2011. Since then, five installments of the Christmas movie have been made and have stolen the hearts of viewers. One of the main characters in the first part was Mikołaj Konieczny, a single father raising his son, played by a broadcaster. Message Store. The actor did not appear in the subsequent parts, and spoke about the reasons for his decision on the “DKF” program with Karolina Corwin Piotrowska.

“How many years do I have to sit in this studio and say: 'Christmas is coming?' I say: 'Let's fire him.' I know there are broadcasters in their 80s, but do we have to make movies about them?” – It is to explain.

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“Letters to M.6.” Massage Store on set! He previously spoke of a “lack of courage.”

But this is not the end. Massage Store also compared “Letters to M.” On to another Christmas song – “Love Actually”.

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