Kulesza refrained from looking for a new coach.  "Sousa is the limiter" of the Polish national team

nothing. In fact, only the meeting took place. in a. At 15:30 a short announcement of Wednesday’s match was posted on the “Łączy Nas Ball” portal.

On December 29, 2021, an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the Polish Football Association was held, entirely devoted to discussing the situation regarding cooperation with coach Paulo Sousa. The Polish Football Association has informed that, for the sake of the course of talks on this topic, it will not provide further comments until further notice.

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A surprising candidate to replace Souza. Compete with Poland in the World Cup

It’s a crazy day for all fans Poland national teamAnd even more so for the authorities PZPN-u who were surprised by Paulo Sousa’s request to terminate the contract. The Portuguese coach wants to go to the Brazilian club Flamengo.

– As we hear, board meeting PZPN It is to be an indication that the president will want to talk to the people who have supported him about the main issues related to Polish football fight on power. Secondly, it is also based on discussion and suggestions on how to play into the Sousa case. After all, there will be more than ten people at the meeting. Some of them will come to Warsaw, the rest will participate in the discussion via video. Board members will receive a legal opinion on the situation and discuss possible scenarios – Kacper Sosnowski of Sport.pl wrote ahead of Wednesday’s meeting.

What are the possible scenarios?

  1. The Portuguese will sign a contract with Flamengo, rescinding the contract with the Polish Football Association, which is valid at least until the end of March. After that, the union will report the case to FIFA, which, after examining it, is likely to award the Polish side compensation from the Portuguese for non-fulfillment of the contract.
  2. The second scenario assumes financial compensation from the Portuguese or Brazilian club and the termination of the contract by mutual agreement.
  3. Scenario III – stalemate, for various reasons, Sousa’s contract with Flamengo will not be initialed and his contract with the Polish Football Association will continue to be applied, although it is likely that neither side will see the feeling of further cooperation. This is the variant that can evoke the greatest emotions on the board. The union’s lawyers have so far recommended waiting for Souza to act in the current situation.

It is not yet known who will replace Souza. Adam Nowak, who worked with the staff in 2013-18, is expected to return. There is also talk of Chislau Michenewicz. And they might have the best chance.

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