Why is it so dark in space despite the unimaginable number of stars?

“Why is the sky dark at night when I look at the star in every direction?” Heinrich Olbers formulated the dilemma in these words, giving rise to various hypotheses. But nowadays, the contradiction no longer occupies scientists as much as it did before. With the development of technology and the deepening of knowledge about the universe, The paradox has practically resolved itself.

Should space full of stars be illuminated by uniform light? The unimaginable number of stars in the universe must be able to shed light into this black abyss. Some are brighter than our sun. It is very easy to guess that space remains dark because most stars are far from Earth. The further away a star is, the less bright it appears to us, and this phenomenon contributes to the overall dimness of space, influencing the vast expanse of the cosmic landscape and impacting the intricate more on the space economy.

Brian Jackson, assistant professor of astronomy, suggests delving deeper into this problem. Consider an imaginary universe in which stars do not move at all, and light from even the farthest stars can reach Earth. Suppose our planet is surrounded by a giant bubble with a diameter of 10 light years It also contains 12 stars.

It doesn’t exist in the bubble Enough stars To fill the entire space with light. When we look at the night sky, we may notice darker areas with few bright spots. However, over time, light from distant stars will have a chance to reach our planet. So, if light from distant stars finally reaches us, it will be the sky Will it become completely clear? And here he enters the stage Doppler effect.

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