January 27, 2023


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Omicron: 5 warning signs. These symptoms are serious

Not just hoarseness, runny nose and headache – Omikron infection can cause serious symptoms to your health. A list has been made of symptoms that may indicate that the infection is severe. Check out the symptoms that should be worrisome. What do you do when you suspect you have the coronavirus?

Different type of omicron coronavirus (Omicron) is spreading around the world faster and faster. The first case of Omikron infection was discovered on November 11, 2021 in Boston, and today it is known that Omikron is likely to replace the delta variant, which was prevalent until recently.

More and more people are affected by Omikron, and the list of symptoms caused by Omikron is increasing. Some of them are really dangerous.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified five symptoms that indicate a person with Omicron may need urgent medical attention.

Symptoms to be concerned about:

  1. Breathing problems
  2. constant pain or pressure in the chest,
  3. sudden delirium-like confusion (agitation, difficulty concentrating, disorientation)
  4. Pale, gray, or bluish skin, lips, or nails
  5. Inability to wake up (difficulty waking up) or stay awake.

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Do you suspect that you have the Corona virus? workflow

Do you have symptoms of corona virus infection? Immediately isolate yourself from others and contact your doctor.

Set a date for the test:

  • select a mobile collection point where you can take the test,
  • Install the mandatory Home Quarantine app,
  • Wait for the result – information about the test result can be found in the patient’s online account.
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Remember that from the time you are referred for the test, you are automatically in quarantine (10 days from the day after your test request).

A positive test result means that you must undergo isolation. If your symptoms are severe or your health worsens, your doctor may refer you to a hospital. Mildly infected people with COVID-19 can be treated at home.

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The above advice cannot replace a visit to a specialist. Remember that in case of any health problems, consult a doctor.

Source: CDC; Mirror. ZOE COVID study; patient.gov.pl