January 31, 2023


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The mechanism of sand dune formation is explained

The mechanism of sand dune formation is explained

Scientists have finally managed to explain the appearance of wrinkles on the surface of the moon, which … There shouldn’t beBecause Io’s atmosphere is too thin for winds to create a dune landscape.

Io It is characterized by very strong volcanic activity, and it is spread on the surface sulfur dioxide frost. The researchers put forward a hypothesis that may explain the formation of sand dunes on the surface of this celestial body.

When lava slowly flows above and below the frozen layer, sulfur dioxide can form trapsWhere the vapor formed by frost sublimation accumulates. When the pressure is up critical valueThen the trap explodes. These volcanic eruptions can be so powerful that the velocity of steam reaches more than 70 km/h. thanks for the Grain can be transported 20 µm to 1 cm in diameter.

Scientists have estimated that a wandering lava flow under 10 cm of frozen sulfur dioxide can cause this sublimation Substance over occurrence and more explosions and dispersal of matter.

Analysis of the Io images revealed light-reflecting streaks over sand dunes, and in front of gushing lava flows. This could be evidence of Newly filed articlesCreated as a result of steam explosions.

Some sand dunes have been observed on the surface of the moon More than 30 meters high.

IU is usually considered to be so world of volcanoes. The possibility of sand dunes indicates that they may exist Do more than scientists think.

“We believe that future observations are necessary to explain the origin of these (dunes) features, but we suggest that the existence of the mechanism salted On Io, in addition to some features of the tops of these structures, justify consideration of the Aeolian origin ”- the scholars write in your article

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