This is where Przemysław Kossakowski will spend the night!  It is known where he hid

Przemysła Kossakowski and Martyna Wojciechowska seem to have made the perfect couple. The breakup, who could boldly fight for the title of Breakup of the Year, caused intense feelings among the audience.

Most people directed words of condolence in Wojciechowska’s direction, while Kossakowski was found guilty. According to rumors, it was he who decided to end the relationship.

After the separation, Martina threw herself into the business, and Przymyk escaped on a trip through Poland. Traveler has been adding photos to Instagram for a few days, so we know where he is.

It turns out that Kossakowski spends his time in Kashubia enjoying a view of nature. Curious netizens began asking the traveler for location details, but he was silent like magic.

Perhaps the traveler wants to be alone and organize his thoughts in his head.

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