Harry Potter – the arrangement we've been waiting for.  Best Characters – Big surprise, Potter is off the stage

being Harry Potter It is one of the most iconic universes in the history of popular culture. Unconventional adventures of the wizarding world are complemented by unique characters. Both the books and movies presented lovers Harry Potter Many extraordinary creatures, introduced them to many wonderful wizards and confronted them with truly despicable villains. However, if we were to think about which of these characters deserves to be called the best hero in the entire universe, it might be a tough battle to make the final decision.

This was done by users of Ranker, an Internet portal where special rankings are created. Site visitors vote for their favorites, and decide the final appearance and ranking result.

In the gallery below you'll find up to 70 items featuring viewers' and readers' favorites Harry Potter. We're very curious as to whether you agree with the end result. Who do you want to vote for? Do you want to show respect to one of the best movie villains of all time, or choose to side with the main character of the series? We are waiting for your opinions and we will be happy to read your vision for this classification.

Best Harry Potter Characters – Ranking (Places 70-36)

Best Harry Potter Characters – Ranking. (Places 35-1)

Harry Potter – the appearance of the character according to the description in the books

Let's remember how the above order of characters could look visually different if the characters looked more similar in the books.

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