Why do you go to the cinema?  “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, “The Possession Game”, “Vika!”

“Aquaman” James and me From 2018 it immediately became a global hit. Amazing production from Jason Momoa Starring in the film turned out to be DC’s highest-grossing film and fans can’t wait for its sequel. On December 21, the long-awaited sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster was released on cinema screens – “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom“.

The film’s sequel takes place several years after the events of the first part. Previously, Black Manta failed to defeat Aquaman. However, he still wants to avenge his father’s death and will stop at nothing to deal with the main character once and for all. This time, Black Manta is stronger than before. He possessed the power of the legendary Black Trident, which concealed an ancient and evil power. To defeat him, Aquaman unexpectedly enlists the help of Orm, his imprisoned brother, and the former king of Atlantis. The two must put aside their differences to protect the kingdom and save Aquaman’s family and the entire world from irreversible destruction.

In the second part, with the exception of Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, and Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The Blockbuster movie is set to wow viewers with extraordinary special effects, most of which were filmed underwater.

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will end the current DCU. After the film’s premiere, a whole new world will be created, created by James Gunn and Peter Safran. Momoa has publicly admitted that he would like to play Aquaman for as long as possible, but he fears he won’t get that opportunity. “It’s over,” he said. Amber Heard, who played her lover, didn’t remember working on the set very well. All because Momoa constantly insulted and made fun of her. In addition, he did it in a very insidious way – he came to the set in the style of her ex-husband – Johnny Depp. Moreover, he also made efforts to remove the actress from the film crew.

Eric – the main character of a family adventure film “happy birthday” -He lives in an orphanage. His greatest wish is to be able to go to his parents for Christmas. They are waiting with their new friend Luca, Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Soon someone is coming, but is it really Santa Claus? This needs to be verified. His friends sneak into his car and go on a journey full of wonderful adventures.

“The game of possession” It is a fictional story about a bloody massacre that occurred on Christmas Eve in 1971. The director says of her film: “A thrilling and unexpected journey that combines the subgenres of home invasion, witchcraft and teen horror.” Jennifer Wexler. Schoolgirls Samantha and Clara are left alone to spend the holidays at a remote boarding school. They will soon encounter a group of fanatical killers who intend to carry out a bloody ritual to summon a demon in this secluded area. They are willing to kill anyone who can prevent them from doing so. However, they did not expect the two teens to become such difficult opponents. Whose soul will be placed on the altar of evil tonight?

document “flaw!” It’s an amazing journey, from joy to passion. An inspiring picture of a woman who intends to celebrate life until the end! 84-year-old DJ Vika is the star of music clubs all over Poland – she always plays until dawn in high heels. The charismatic DJ surrounds herself with young people, telling herself that age is just a number, and that she has no intention of spending her old age sitting like a geranium in the window. It is a real colorful bird. However, when her health began to deteriorate, Vika noticed her death. Will he find meaning in sharing the joy of life with other elderly people and motivating them to work and overcome loneliness?

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