Do you remember the comedy “Sami Soy”?  Try to match actors to roles in the movie! [QUIZ]

“alone together” It is a film released in… 1967 p. Andrzej Mularczyk is in charge of the screenplay, while Sylvester Czecinski is directing. It is interesting that the prototype of one of the main characters of this character Cult comedythat it Kazimierz Pawlak, was the screenwriter's uncle – Jan. Turn, movie Kargol family He is the equivalent of the Dendrys family. Plot “Only ours” Based on a story The fate of these two feuding families, Who were forced to leave the eastern border areas and settle in the recovered lands. The comedy quickly gained a loyal fan following and remains so today Make the audience laugh until they cry! “alone together” They had sequels in the form of films: “Nie ma mochych” (1974) and “Kochaj albo leci” (1977). In contrast, in 2024, a prequel to this famous comedy is shown called “On Our Own. A Beginning”.

“On our own. The beginning.” Brand new Cargoal and Paulak! The cast of the long-awaited film includes a whole host of stars!

Test: Match the actor to the role in “Sammy Own”

If you've ever watched it “Only ours” Then be sure to try our test. You belong to her Match the names of the actors to the characters they played in this famous comedy. Only the biggest fans will get the maximum here!

Who played in “Themselves”? Try to match actors to roles in this famous movie!

Question 1 of 10

The role of Władysław Kargul was played by:

See also: “On our own. Beginning.” The film crew came to the Lublin Village Museum. We have photos from the set!

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