Andrzej Piaseczny showed his sweetheart!  Impressive picture on the web

Andrzej Piaseczny adopted a dog from the shelter in 2018. The Central Asian Sheepdog is a real apple of the musician’s eye.

The singer loves to take his pet for long walks in nature. On Instagram, Piasek just posted a frame from his fall outing with a dog.

The photo shows how Biasik and Crimea (because this is Andrei’s pet) lie together among the golden leaves. Andrzej resides in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, where he is likely to spend a long weekend.

The photo with the dog affected netizens and a lot of praise poured out for Biask and his dog.

The singer a few months ago on the occasion of the promotion of his album “50/50” finally dispelled all doubts about his direction. Piacek admitted that he was gay.

Interestingly, the musician is still in a happy relationship, but has not yet decided to introduce his partner to the public.

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They passed away in 2021. Hard to believe!

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