How much will Poles spend for Christmas?  Much more than last year

As reported, for a third of participants, organizing Christmas involves sacrifices, and For 12 percent means financial problems

“Poles will spend a quarter more on organizing holidays than last year, this will be on average 1 thousand 441 Polish zlotys per person. The budget increased further for trips (up to 130 zlotys) and gifts (552 zlotys), but also for the purchase of food (499 zlotys),” said a study commissioned by BIG InfoMonitor, which maintains a register of debtors. It was also added that in 2022 the cost was 1,157 PLN per person, and in 2021 – 1,142 PLN.

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We will spend more on gifts, trips and food

This year by 28%. The gift budget will increase from PLN 431 to PLN 522. It was reported that “499 PLN will be spent on setting the Christmas table – 17% more than in 2022. Expenditures will also increase in other categories.”

Poles intend to spend PLN 130 on average (67 percent more) on trips, i.e. fuel or tickets. 54% of people want to invest in Christmas trees and decorations this year. Participants plan to spend PLN 74 (an increase of 21%). Cleaning products cost on average 58 PLN (12%). “Other expenses” will cost PLN 128 compared to PLN 109 last year.

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