Only one Marvel movie in theaters in 2024!  But four in 2025!
The actors’ strike has already ended (temporarily for now, since the document has not been ratified by unions), so studios have begun updating their premiere calendars. Marvel has truly made a splash, planning just one show for 2024! However, in 2025 there will be as many as four of them!

‘Deadpool 3’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Blade’ and other Marvel shows with new premiere dates

The only show Marvel currently plans to release in theaters next year is “Deadpool 3”. But its release date has also changed. The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters in May. Now its US release date has been moved to July 26.

It was supposed to hit theaters in July “Captain America: Brave New World”. However, we will have to wait seven months longer for this offer. The new US release date is February 14, 2025.

new “captain America” Grab your pre-booked date for viewing “code”. This film will be delayed for up to nine months as it is scheduled to hit US theaters November 7.

In December 2024, Marvel plans to introduce it to the world “Lightning”. Now announcing the premiere of the show on July 25, 2025.

The fourth Marvel show in 2025 will be “Fantastic Four”. In this case, the date has already been moved to May.

The state of production of a Marvel show

Pictures of the movie “Captain America: New World Order” It has been completed. So such a serious delay in the release date comes as a big surprise.

Working on the movie “Deadpool 3” It was ongoing when the strike began. However, the creators are announcing a quick return to set in time for the summer premiere.

Pictures of the movie “code” They were supposed to start in the summer, but a few weeks before they were supposed to start, Kevin Feige ordered the work to be suspended and a new script prepared.

Filming was also supposed to begin in the summer “Lightning”. After the actors went on strike, this was not possible.

Deadpool 2 trailer

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