Who is Julia Zujaj?  Why was Robert Lewandowski asked about this?

Robert Lewandowski clearly had difficulty refraining from laughing after asking a question at a conference on Monday about a recent meeting with Julia Chujaj. Why did the 23-year-old he recently met in Barcelona become a music phenomenon? We explain.

One of the questions asked at Monday's press conference clearly caught Robert Lewandowski by surprise. At one point, the FC Barcelona striker was jokingly asked about the meeting with Julia Chujaj, which took place in early March. Does the upward shape have anything to do with it? Maybe I became a “jugator” after him? (A common term for fans of Julia Šugaj – Editor) – asked one of the journalists “Lewi”.

Robert Lewandowski did not hide his astonishment at one of the questions

Robert Lewandowski did not hide his enjoyment of one of the questionsRobert Lewandowski did not hide his enjoyment of one of the questionsGetty Images

The Polish captain clearly couldn't stop laughing. – truly? – he answered after a while. Then Emil Kubanski, spokesman for the Polish Football Association, joined the conversation. – Let's deal with mathematical issues – he appealed.

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Who is Julia Zujaj?

Julia Żugaj is a Polish internet creator. She began taking her first steps online in 2018. Together with her sister, she filmed short dance and lifestyle videos, which she later posted on the Musical.ly platform (later acquired by competitor TikTok – ed.). Her participation in Team

The initiator of Team X was Stuart Alexander Close Burton, known as Stu. Later, Natalia Kazmarczyk (Natsu) took control of him. The project was supervised by Spotlight Marketing Agency. The idea was for Internet users to be able to watch the daily lives of their favorite creators, just as happened years ago on the TV show “Big Brother.” The difference was that instead of live broadcast, pre-made recordings (mostly funny scenes from everyday life) were uploaded to the Internet. The project turned out to be a success. Zojaj was associated with him for three years, from 2020 to 2023.

Julia Gojaj. Music career

Meanwhile, Julia Šugaj also began experimenting with music. Her first mini-album titled “Miłostki” was released in October 2022. The album reached first place on the OLiS sales chart, and in January of the following year it received gold status. Despite this, she claims that she is not an artist and will not call herself a singer. “In the world of music, I feel like a weirdo. Just as there are weird fights, I'm a weirdo singer. Comparing my gold album with the gold album of Dawid Podsiadlo, it's a weird gold album. I'm not comparing the fact that we're on the same level at all,” she said in an interview with Blijada.

Simultaneously with the release of the album, Żugaj embarked on her first solo concert tour entitled “Miłostki On Tour”. As part of it she played in Warsaw, Kraków Łódź, Wrocław and Poznań. Just over a year later, she gave ten more concerts, this time as part of the “Julia Żugaj Świąteczne Harmonie Tour”. Its performance is a market phenomenon. The singer has gathered a crowd of loyal fans, mostly girls and teenagers. They are called “żugajki”.

– I really want all my performances to be perfect and to be fully prepared – she said before the concert at the 2023 winning Fryderyk Festival in “Wstańsz i Weekend” on TVN24.

Currently, the 23-year-old is followed by over 3.7 million people on TikTok alone. There are – 1.3 million on Instagram. Due to her popularity online, Shugai was one of the people invited by music streaming platform Spotify – one of the main sponsors of FC Barcelona – to participate in a trip to the Catalan capital to promote the “Na Topie” playlist in early March. As part of this, influencers can follow the Spanish club's training and matches. They also participated in a photo session with Robert Lewandowski.

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Main image source: Getty Images/Instagram/@juliazugaj

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