Amateurs have found 15 rare “active asteroids.”  A unique discovery

Even though we are a part of it, we are still completely unaware of all the beings in the solar system. As part of NASA's Active Asteroids Project, up to 15 active stimulantswhich challenges conventional knowledge about our planetary system.

An article about the research conducted was published in the magazine “Astronomical Magazine”. Co-authors of the publication are nine volunteers who contributed to the discovery of rare objects. This is an unusual distinction for an amateur astronomer. More than 8,000 volunteers reviewed 430,000 images from the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) of the Victoria M. Blanco telescope in Chile.

Active Asteroids Project, or Where Did Water Come From on Earth? This is a NASA initiative to find all active asteroids in the solar system. Scientists believe they may be the source of water on Earth, but to confirm this they need to find as many of these rocky bodies as possible. Then you will be able to rely on their orbits Map of water distribution in the solar system.

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