Robert Lewandowski asked for his autograph.  “I’m going to kill you one last time”

Robert Lewandowski He is undoubtedly the most famous pole in the world. Since the footballer started playing F.C.BShe gained more fans. Performances in the Catalan club are not only fame, recognition and huge money. As I mentioned in one of the interviews Anna LevandowskaLife on a candlestick Stressful and frustrating at times.

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Despite everything the left He passionately tries to reach out to every lover. So, whenever he leaves Barcelona’s besieged training ground by fans, he stops to sign some autographs. It hasn’t been different lately. But this time, the normally patient and calm athlete was a little annoyed.

In the recording posted by a fan, we see Robert signing a series of autographs Reacts nervously to subsequent requests for autographs.

repeatedly? I will stop signing for you. I’m killing you for the last time he says teasingly.

The author of the video explains that the player was most likely mistaken for someone else:

I think he mistook me for someone else. I just went for the first time… He writes, noting below: I have no claims or remorse, the video is for humorous purposes.

No wonder Lewandowski was not enthusiastic about the fans. In the background, you can see Anna fastening the girls’ seat belts in the car, as well as their dog running alongside them. No wonder the soccer player likes to get in the car and focus on his family.

I’m not even surprised. He walks with his wife, his daughters can be heard from the car. I understand before or after the games. The boy also has his own life; It’s a private situation, so it’s no wonder he sometimes wants to take a break from it; The price of fame; Being famous is fun even… – we read in the comments section.

Well, that’s the dark side of fame…

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And knowing life, we make the worst of it, and they probably took it 5 times to sell it later

I’m not surprised. They will come 20 times to sign and then pay the money. They’re not fans, they’re entrepreneurs

He is human. Because we all have the right to have difficult moments. And so 99% of the time he smiles, is cute and answers questions from fans and journalists. Put yourself in his shoes. How many times a day do you answer the same questions, you are in a hurry, but a crowd of fans are waiting for you, your head hurts terribly, but they take pictures of you, so you can smile … And so for many years every day.

But he signed it, so he kept researching the matter

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After all, there are people who sell autographed balls, shoes, books …

Autographs, interviews, visits to places of work…Oh kudos, and the best thing is that one day I earn what the average person who eats bread does not earn in his life…It was learning to play football

He’s gotten a lot older lately

Such registration without consent is weak.

Then they sell these autographs to fat pilgrims. I think he is not blind met them

The typical Varsovian… thinks he’s God

Nobody asked for his autograph?

Come on… He was in a hurry to get an orange, to distribute 3.5 to himself and a quarter to other players… And he called the president with a complaint… Because the government didn’t want to give an orange… He signed up for lessons on how to kick a penalty and play offensively Walking around the field with wooden legs..

Perhaps the same people often come in for autographs and then sell them. No, I’m surprised Lewandowski is losing patience.

Who else wants an autograph from this World Cup freak?

For the first time in his career he was suspended for three matches, 10 years ago in Germany he had two matches. Only then did he get red by mistake instead of yellow, and two yellows belong here. What did he gain from the first tactical error in the opponent’s half? You had to keep your paws to yourself, and then after the second card to judge, don’t play on the nose.

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