slag.  Komarnicki defends Zmarzlik and points out who failed the most in the match with Motors

Wave lost Bermuda Staal after a thrilling match with Motor Lublin 44:46. The former president of the Gorzow club, Vladislav Komarnicki, criticized Martin Vaculik the most after this meeting. He confessed: “He must be first after God.”

Jaroslaw Galewski

Martin Vaculik in front of Piotr Protasiewicz

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Jocz / Pictured: Martin Vaculik in front of Piotr Protasiewicz

The match in Gorzow was tense until the last round, in which Mikel Michaelsen showed an impressive run. Alone after the exclusion of Jaroslav Humpel, the Dane brilliantly played the first arc and defeated the duo of Bartosz Smarzlik – Martin Vaculik. The lottery gave LeBlanc’s players a two-point win at the inauguration ceremony.

And Dislav Komarnicki, who used to keep his fingers crossed for the hosts, was disappointed with the result. In his opinion, one of the leaders lacks points for the ultimate success.

– Martin Vaculik disappointed me the most, because he is a player that the board of directors treats as the first after God, that is, after Zamarzlik. We all depend on him. The person who scores must be around the full point. The day went without expectations. On the other hand, Patrick Hansen pleasantly surprised me. We can use it a lot. I especially liked running with Dominic Kubera. He did not leave until the end, which showed a great character – he argues.

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The former Stahl activist defended Bartosz Smarzlik, who, like Martin Vaculik, finished the match with nine points. – However, it must be remembered that Bartik lost 2 points due to a glitch, so his achievements should be much better. Of course, you could say he lost three times to Michaelsen, but let’s be moderate as well. Bartik maintains a high level almost all the time, so you need to understand that sooner or later there will be a match in which he will lose with someone. He is just a man. I don’t like him at all right now, but I simply don’t think we can expect him to be a machine. Sometimes someone else has to dress up and I missed that. Besides, Michelsen had a horse day. For me, that was the key to winning the moto, just as Steele’s problem was Vaculik’s weaker disposition – he explains.

Zamrazlik also added a wonderful scene to nine points, which surprised observers of Friday’s meeting. The voices of the two-time world champion reacted in this way to the words of President Marek Gerzeb, who In an interview with WP SportoweFakty Suggest that the rookie be accompanied by a competitor providing protection, and Zimmerzlik focus on winning.

– I have read the President’s statement and I think Partek is a man who listens to different opinions. However, I don’t think that upset or angered him. I wouldn’t handle this reaction in terms of bad vibes. Bartik understands and can draw conclusions. In my opinion, he is maturing into a player like Thomas Golub once, who beautifully dragged his friends. I treat it as a good start – he explains.

Komarnicki also appreciated coach Stanisław Chomski for the fact that this time in Gorzów we were able to create a great show. However, emotions and great racing did not go hand in hand with the result, so the question arises whether Stal will not change direction in an instant and decide which path will take victories in the first place.

– I’m not worried about that. I will not look for the reason for this failure on the right track. Competitors will ride and it will be different. The president has long been saying that cosmetics are made for more real sport. Journalists and television complained of goosebumps. You do not have a basis for that day. The fight was really beautiful and it should continue like that – it sums up.

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