Which speakers to choose?  Ranking 2023

What TV speakers to buy not so much to improve the sound quality of the TV, but in fact to ensure great conditions for watching movies and listening to music? We offer a speaker ranking, where we recommend the best models on the market.

In another list, we present the best subwoofers up to PLN 1000. Here, however, we suggest What speakers up to PLN 1500 or PLN 3000 or PLN 5000 are worth buying right now. These are the best-equipped and most cost-effective models for people who offer something more than this type of equipment – high power, richness of detail, wide functionality and realistic spatial effects.

What is audio tape? Ranking 2023:

A good soundbar is an excellent solution for people who are unhappy with flat sound from their TV’s built-in speakers, and at the same time don’t have the money and space for a multi-element home theater system. For people who want to get more fun from watching movies, series, matches, watching concerts, listening to music or even playing video games.

Speakers – almost like a home theater

By definition, a loudspeaker is an audiotape. However, in reality, we often deal with groups consisting of more elements. The primary addition is a wireless subwoofer, but manufacturers also happen to add rear speakers.

Thanks to these additions, we can count on powerful and convincing spatial effects, allowing you to go right in the middle of the action. If this is 3D for you in priority – pay attention to whether the model you are interested in supports the Dolby Atmos standard.

Such luxury sets usually cost a lot, but the acoustic effect is excellent. Can it be compared to a typical home theater? If you want to know more, check out our article in which we answer the question: home theater or soundbar?

How to connect the speakers to the TV?

The soundbar is usually connected to the TV using an HDMI cable. It is better to use the ARC function – if it is available, then the port is marked in an appropriate way, that is, HDMI (ARC) – then one “cable” is enough. Otherwise, use the optical audio connector.

Let’s add that very often soundbars also offer other connection options (they are not necessarily used to communicate with the TV, but also with other devices), including: mini-jack, USB or Bluetooth. You can also find such models in our list, and since we are talking about them, let’s get to the point…

Which model to choose? Here are the recommended speakers

Samsung HW-B550 – good cheap speakers for the home

If you want to spend well around PLN 1,000, the Samsung HW-B550 is a natural choice. It’s a simple two-piece kit consisting of a two-channel beamforming amplifier and a wireless subwoofer. Despite the rather simple design, the device tries to simulate spatial effects and copes with this task decently. The big plus is also the Smart Sound function, which optimizes the sound quite well in relation to what we are listening to. Finally, there were also some additional options, such as a special game mode or night mode, which enhance the audibility of dialogues at lower volume levels.

  • total strength410 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, USB, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker layout2.1

Yamaha YAS-209 – speakers for music and movies

Yamaha YAS-209 doesn’t cost much either. Despite this, it can offer a really rich and pleasant sound, as well as realistic spatial effects. It works especially well when listening to music and watching movies or series. In the first application, the Music Enhancer function (which allows you to highlight the details of the sound) does the job, and in the second – the Clear Voice function (improving the audibility of dialogues). The kit consists of a speaker and subwoofer with a total power of up to 200 watts (evenly distributed between both elements). The whole is complemented by a wide connectivity options with optical, HDMI and USB connectors as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules.

  • total strength200 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical Digital Input, USB, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker layout2.1

Sony HT-S40R – Mini Home Theater System

Sony HT-S40R is not only a soundbar, but also a home theater system. Its base is a tape (it sounds in three channels), but apart from it we also get a wireless subwoofer, two rear speakers and an external speaker. As a result, we can count on compelling surround sound – perfect for watching movies, gaming on a console, or listening to concert music. With so many items, it’s also important that everything looks modern and stylish – in this case it certainly is. There are no major complaints about the connectivity options offered, including Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB.

  • total strength600 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, optical digital input, USB, HDMI, AUX
  • Loudspeaker layout5.1

Denon DHT-S517 – Neutral Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

This factory is mainly associated with high-end music equipment. So it’s no surprise that the Denon DHT-S517 excels at music playback. However, at the same time it performs very well during series and movie screenings. Sound seems to come from every side, it’s a 3.1.2 channel system with Dolby Atmos. The bass is deep and the dialogues are properly emphasized. However, all optimization parameters for films can be turned off – in Pure Mode the “five hundred and seventeenth” turns into a real musical monster. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the soundbar also offers an optical input, a mini jack, and — of course — HDMI.

  • total strength150 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, optical digital input, USB, HDMI, AUX
  • Loudspeaker layout3.1.2

Samsung HW-Q700B – TV Soundbar

An interesting alternative to the aforementioned Denon equipment is the Samsung HW-Q700B. It’s also a subwoofer speaker in 3.1.2, which features Dolby Atmos support. Interestingly, thanks to Q-Symphony technology, it can also play audio simultaneously with the TV speakers (if it is a compatible Samsung model – in this case we can also count on playing both devices with one remote control). All problems related to the “disorganized” room are solved by space-matching sound technology, and the door to wide possibilities is opened by a combination of basic forms of communication.

  • total strength320 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical Digital Input, USB, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker layout3.1.2

LG Eclair QP5 – Small TV Speaker

Our next suggestion is the exceptionally “compact” LG Eclair QP5 soundbar. This little thing is only 30 cm wide, yet it can deliver not only detailed and powerful sound, but also realistic spatial effects with Dolby Atmos. High-Resolution Audio and Meridian technologies optimize every note and we can count on high quality whether with a wired or cable-free connection. The kit also includes a wireless subwoofer – this one is much larger, but still finding a place for it does not cause much trouble.

  • total strength320 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, optical digital input, USB, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker layout3.1.2

Sonos Beam Gen2 – “Smart” Speaker

The Sonos Beam Gen2 may sound inconspicuous. But don’t let the simple design fool you. The soundbar is capable of delivering surprisingly rich and powerful sound, and it even simulates spatial effects well (in Dolby Atmos format). In addition to sounding good, Sonos speakers are essentially a number of smart solutions: from convenient playback from the phone app (which also allows for seamless connection to streaming services), to voice control with Google Assistant.

  • communicationWi-Fi, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker layout4.0
  • The depth dimensions are medium651 x 69 x 100 mm

Samsung HW-Q930B – very good soundbar for PLN 3000

In many people’s opinion, it is the most cost-effective subwoofer on the market. And indeed, despite the affordable price, the Samsung HW-Q930B is a device that can successfully replace a home theater (at least as long as you’re not an audiophile). The manufacturer packed a lot of speakers, resulting in a 540-watt 9.1.4 array. It consists of four elements: a beam, a column and a subwoofer. Of course, we can also count on a bunch of proprietary Samsung technologies (at the fore is Q-Symphony, Sound Adapted Function, Sound Adaptation Function or Active Voice Amplifier).

  • total strength540 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical Digital Input, USB, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker layout9.1.4

Samsung HW-Q990B – The soundbar is like a home theater

The Samsung HW-Q990B is a regular in our rankings of the best soundbars. No wonder — it’s actually the perfect model for people on a slightly larger budget. This 600-watt, 11.1.4-channel amplifier performs very well in every respect: from sound quality to functionality to build quality. As summed up by Wojtek in his review, “The Q990B works excellently in almost every home application. At the same time, it’s wonderfully simple and fun to use (one tap and we play music from the phone) and it certainly impresses with its new design.”

  • total strength540 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, digital optical input, USB, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker layout11.1.4

Sony HT-A7000 – the best one-piece soundbar

Although it may look less impressive than the aforementioned Samsung model, the Sony HT-A7000 is undoubtedly a strong candidate for the title of the best soundbar on the market. First of all, it is a very attractive option for people who do not have a lot of space. It’s able to deliver full sound, powerful bass, and spatial effects from the bar itself—without an additional subwoofer or rear speakers. This is possible thanks to proprietary Japanese solutions, such as Vertical Surround Engine, S-Force PRO Front Surround, X-Balanced Speaker Unit or 360 Reality Audio. It’s a great device for watching movies, listening to music, gaming, and any other use.

  • total strength500 watts
  • communicationBluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical Digital Input, USB, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker layout7.1.2

There are also amplifiers on the market that cost more than PLN 5,000, but the profitability of their purchase is debatable. More often than not, with such a budget, it would be much better to go for a complete home theater system.

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