May 28, 2023


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Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Series X | S is a huge disappointment with regards to the PS5. Digital Foundry criticizes XSX

Already this morning we were able to hear from specialists from Digital Foundry that Ghostwire: Tokyo is not running well on Xbox Series X | S regarding the PlayStation 5 hardware. The specs from the company in question published a more comprehensive material recently, where they broke down the Tango Gameworks title.

After tests, Digital Foundry conclusively recognized Ghostwire Tokyo for Xbox Series X | S is a very big disappointment compared to the version created for PS5. Poor fluidity (low fps) is not the only problem, because there is also lag and “wrong FPS”:

The PS5 is running Ghostwire: Tokyo in much better shape than it was [Xbox] Series X, which is certainly a disappointment considering how poorly the PS5 underperformed the title to begin with. In contrast, the Xbox Series S performs much worse than any of the higher-powered consoles.

Ghostwire: Tokyo for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is a huge disappointment. Major PS5 version issues have not been fixed, so performance is inconsistent, input [input] It looks really slow and the number of visual options is ridiculous. In addition to these common issues, the frame rate is much lower, the ray tracing quality is worse, and you suffer from blurred vision.

In the video below, we can see exactly how both modes – quality and performance – work in Ghostwire Tokyo on the XSX. An analyst from Digital Foundry stated that some issues on Microsoft hardware could be caused by the “source” version of the PS5 (the game was first developed for Sony devices), but that this is not an explanation for the XSX version’s lackluster performance.