This new post-apocalyptic survival game is like The Sims in the STALKER universe.  The trailer showcases the most important mechanics of City 20
Mark 26 2024, 21:22

Survival City 20 from Untold Games will take us to a radiant world. The production, a mix of The Sims and STALKER, will debut this year in Early Access.

Image source: Untold Games


If you like the atmosphere Stalker-A And she likes to enjoy it from time to time SimsMaybe it's a game City 20 From Untold Games studio, it will be the perfect place for Wadi to spend his free time. production It has been announced A few days ago and I got it today Tractorwhich explains its mechanics.

City 20 It will be an open world survival game. The titular city has been quarantined after a radiation accident that changes the daily lives of its residents. During the game, we will play the role of one of these people, and our goal will be to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where resources are very limited.

In the clip above, we learned more about the “Justice and Social Tensions” system. According to the creators, We can enjoy the game in different ways – the world will adapt to our actions anywayWhich can be friendly or hostile towards NPCs.

As such, NPCs are meant to be diverse. Each of them must belong to one of the factions and live their own way of life. Each of them may become our ally or adversary.

City 20 It is scheduled to debut in 2024 in Early Access on Steam. Unfortunately, we have to wait for a more precise date. The title will not offer a Polish language version.

  1. City20 – game card on Steam

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