Where to escape before fall?  You can travel there for up to PLN 1,600 all inclusive

Holidays don’t have to end in August or September. Autumn is also a great time for an exotic trip. While winter is fast approaching, there are places in Europe and around the world where you can sunbathe in the middle of autumn, just like in summer. For people who want to spend their time more actively, travel agencies offer a full range of optional excursions.

Full of tourist attractions and warm Turkey

Türkiye offers a number of interesting places and attractions Everyone can find something for themselves there. The season in this country is also in full swing in the fall, due to, among other things, the favorable weather. On the Turkish Riviera, the average temperature in autumn varies throughout the day From 24 to 29 A.M. CBut the evenings and nights are really cold. October is an ideal month for swimming enthusiasts, as the water temperature is hot in resorts such as Antalya, Alanya and Side Yes. 23 Sh. CBut even in November there is water Yes. 20 Sh. C.

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