The tragic end of the pilgrimage: the church bell killed a man

In Spain, in the town of El Pinel de Brai in Catalonia, instead of the traditional celebrations dedicated to Saint Paul. Three days of mourning was declared for Magdalena. According to El Pais newspaper, a tourist who came to the city died last Saturday as a result of being hit in the head by a bell.

April 13 at 6:00 A group of city residents climbed the bell tower of the Church of San Lorenzo to participate in the ceremony accompanied by the sound of the bell. On the second Saturday after Holy Week, it has long been customary for events in honor of the revered saint to begin in this way

At one big point The buzzer hit the 30-year-old in the head, who came from Barcelona. According to eyewitnesses, he suddenly collapsed and showed no signs of life. A witness who was nearby tried to help the victim. However, neither he nor the emergency doctors who quickly arrived at the scene were able to revive him.

The incident occurred when the city's main square was crowded with locals and tourists as it was the beginning of the pilgrimage to the hermitage.

The body was quickly removed from the bell tower by firefighters. The investigation that began considered the incident an accident.

The city mayor pointed this out There have been accidents on the bell tower before, but they usually end in pinched fingers, for example. The fact is that the person who does it for the first time rings in the holiday. In her opinion, after a person dies, traditions should be reviewed and changes made for the safety of people. In turn, the city council declared a three-day mourning period.

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