Russia and Ukraine war.  Black Sea.  Biologists are sounding the alarm about the death of hundreds of dolphins

Ziare, an online daily newspaper from Bucharest, citing experts, reported that Wounded dolphins or dead specimensThat brought ocean currents often They have burn marks from mine explosions Navy or Bombs.

The portal, citing an entry from an employee of the Tuzłowskie Limany Nature Park, indicated that on the shores of the Odessa Oblast, in southwestern Ukraine, More than 100 dead dolphins have been recovered.

on me Strange behavior of black sea dolphins After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, they also referred to Bulgarian animal rights organizations. They noted that some of the infected mammals that reached shore did not have the strength to swim or did not eat for more than a week.

According to Romanian veterinarians Internal bleeding is a common cause of death for black sea dolphins in war. Experts believe they arise as a result of explosives or the use of sonar by ships.

Live coverage of events in Ukraine

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