Kadyrov again strayed into the air.  This time he was asked about his favorite book |  world News

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Ramadan Kadyrov He was a guest on Russian TV propaganda Russia Today. Leader Chechnya He answered the audience’s questions. One of the questions concerns rumors that Kadyrov is ill. Chechen leader denied this information. – I do examinations every three months, make full examinations and diagnoses. IM in good health. Many want us to be sick but we are healthy enough to hate them.”

After the end of the program, Kadyrov decided to prove his physical fitness. When he was challenged to do 40 push-ups, he fell to the floor almost immediately and did an incomplete 35 push-ups.

They asked Kadyrov about his favorite book. Surprising answer

The Chechen dictator was also asked about his favorite book.

In the recordings that appeared on social media, one can notice surprise, something like panic on Ramzan Kadyrov’s face. After a while, Putin’s friend replied that he did not like to read books. I like it when people write about what you do. What they write is a different opinion of people. And Kadyrov explained that there is no such thing as pure history (described in books – ed.).

“When you begin to read intently and then discuss it with the writer and he says he meant something else, you must be disappointed.” This is not interesting. Especially since our writers have questions for each other. I try to get them to write well about us RepublicTo leave a good mark in history.

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Kadyrov also said that he sometimes watches films, mostly Turkish. You are more tense than pleased. I also watched Islamic films, although I already know the history. “I watch more historical films,” said the Chechen dictator.

Ramzan Kadyrov calls himself a scientist, but he does not read books

The program was published by Anton Herashchenko, advisor to the Minister of Interior of Ukraine. “I don’t like reading very much,” wrote Kadyrov, an honorary researcher at the Chechen Academy of Sciences, professor emeritus at Russian universities, and author of scientific papers.

The Ukrainian media mention that Kadyrov often calls himself a scientist. He brags about his “titles” and “scientific papers”, especially in the field of economics and political science.

According to the Tuga.ru portal, in July 2006 he was elected an honorary academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic. In the following years, he was also awarded other pseudo-academic titles, including in June 2007 the title of Honorary Professor at Chechen State University, and in 2011 he defended his doctorate.

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