Where is this coal?  State disclosure agency.  "The price is 251 percent higher than last year"

The Industrial Development Agency published data on mining coal In the first half of the year. The increase is symbolic, but it was recorded nonetheless. During the first six months of the year, the mines produced 27.9 million tons of coal. A year ago, it was 27.7 million tons of coal. Thus, the increase is 0.2 million tons.

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Where is the coal? Almost absent in the piles

IDA also published data on coal mining in June. Mines extracted and sold 4.4 million tons of raw materials. Production was at a similar level to last year, but sales were down about 0.2 million tons year on year.

A significant decline can be seen if we look at the state of coal stocks in the piles. Currently, there are only 1.5 million tons of arrears. A year ago, it was more than 5.3 million tons.

Here I asked coal for the winter. “I’m a believer but not this”

Coal prices are rising sharply. “Value is 251.3 percent higher than last year.”

ARP also publishes data on employment in the mining industry. The industry employs 74.8 thousand. People. This is the employment situation in the sector at the end of June 2022. The agency also reports coal prices in global markets. June brought growth in this regard. coal prices In ARA ports (Antwerp – Rotterdam – Amsterdam) by 12 percent. Compared to May 2022. Meanwhile, its value is 251.3 percent. higher than last year.

According to data published on Tuesday, the price of coal at European ARA ports has fallen to nearly 321 dollar per ton. Average fuel prices It is a few cents higher than it was on Monday. In turn, per ton of pellets in stores You must pay from PLN 2340 to PLN 2740.

Polish coal is much cheaper. You can buy it at the online store Polska Grupa Górnicza. However, the online store is subject to a real siege. Merchandise is restocked on the Store Shelf on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm and is available while stocks last. However, there is a constant shortage of goods, because the price of raw materials varies from PLN 710.94 to PLN 1045 for 750-1000 kg. The cost of Orzech Sośnica and Groszek Sośnica is 710.94 PLN per ton, and Pieklorz Ekogroszek – 1045 PLN per ton. Coal in warehouses costs much more, reaching 3300 PLN per ton.

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