This may be the pension of KRUS after the assay.  There will be a double-digit increase – we have the account [24.07.23]

The government has already begun work on defining the index for old-age and disability pensions, which will enter into force in 2024. Based on current forecasts, pension and disability benefits will increase by 12.3% from March 1. Retired farmers who receive benefits from KRUS will also get more money. Al-Haqeqa provided calculations related to the pension index. Find out how much your pension will increase from March 1, 2024.


The government has already started work on determining how much pension and annuity indexation will be in effect From March 1, 2024. The core indicator is the average annual increase in the prices of consumer goods and services for households. according to expectations Inflation in Poland in 2023 will reach 12.3%.

The second value taken when calculating the valorization index is the real increase in average wages, but according to Fact, disability and retirement benefits in 2024 will only increase by Inflation rate.

Thanks to the valorization of pensions and pensions, higher benefits will be received not only by ZUS pensioners, but also by pensioners Senior farmerswho receive money from KRUS. Fact reminds you that in their case the valuation is calculated on slightly different principles.

– Agricultural pensions depend on what is called the basic pension and it is calculated individually for each farmer. This basic pension is 90 percent. Minimum benefits – currently a total of PLN 1429.60 – we read in the magazine.

According to FCT, pensions for large farmers may increase in 2024 About PLN 184 “On Hand”. Estimates prepared daily Calculation of the increase in pensions and pensions For large farmers (assuming the value index will be 12.3%) Look how much higher next year’s pensions can be!

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Still this year, millions of beneficiaries will receive funds under Fourteenth pension. The benefit will probably be paid in the third quarter of 2023. Like the thirteenth annuity, the so-called fourteen it will be exactly that The minimum pension, i.e. a total of PLN 1,588.44.

From the 14th pension you will have to pay tax, so the allowance “on hand” will be PLN 1445.48. However, keep in mind that not everyone will receive the full amount. People who receive more than PLN 2,900 gross from the pension will be subject to the rule “Zloty for zloty”.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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