Jean-Philippe Wauthier’s wife appears in Bonsoir bonsoir

We learned a few weeks ago Identification of Jean-Philippe Wauthier’s wife. It’s her stylist, Emmanuelle Rochon.

This Monday, the princes of showbiz, Remi-Pierre Paquin and David Savard, return. good evening For a paragraph about Osheaga.

To choose their looks, they enlist the help of Emmanuel, who plays a stylist obsessed with dressing these two miserable fanatics.

Apparently, the two dolls did not come to Oshika as their names were not on the guest list. Instead, they went to Saint-Lambert, Jean-Philippe’s mother.

She poured champagne into her mouth and danced in the pool in a bathing suit with two actors.

The hostess was surprised to find these live pictures! Her team chose not to reveal to her that her boyfriend and her mother were going to be on the show this Monday.

Good then! Hard earned income from vacations. Thanks to the princes of showbiz for this beautiful topo “, he began, still shaken by what he had just seen.

Remember that the appearance of the animator, after returning from vacation, caused the Internet to react. More details here.

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