‘When Harry Met Sally’: Meg Ryan’s kids aren’t a fan of the scene

In the aforementioned scene, Sally (Rayyan(I’m Harry)Billy Crystal) talk about their love conquests. At some point, the man asserts that he will know if his potential partner has faked an orgasm. Sally says “check” and starts screaming in feigned joy, oblivious to the people in the restaurant.

“Funny, my son called this morning saying he was in New York and his hotel was across from Katz’s Deil (the restaurant where the scene was filmed). My daughter was with me, and the phone was on speaker and they both said, ‘Mom, it’s kind of'” Ryan said. Unique embarrassment.”

And her son, actor Jack Quaid, added that there was an arrow inside her indicating where she was sitting while filming the famous scene. The star of the series “The Boys” and the fifth part of “The Scream” talked about her in an interview in 2018. Then he watched the movie for the first time.

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