What’s next with a 0% loan?  “Donald Tusk’s thinking is evolving”

– Maybe there will not be a loan with 0 percent interest, but it will be replaced by something else, I don’t know what the formula is, because work is underway in the Ministry of Development – Krzysztof Gaukowski said in On Zeit Radio.

Watch the video All fuses blew. The “Mieszkanie na start” program increases real estate prices

Won’t there be a 0% loan? “Prime Minister Tusk’s thinking is evolving”

– Prime Minister Tusk’s thinking about the 0% interest loan project. He added that there are signs that it may pose a problem for the market because the price per square meter will rise. When asked if the 0% loan, called #naStart, would pass the House, he said he “didn’t know.”

The minister stressed that the left has nothing to blame because he “said repeatedly that this is a problematic project that will lead to higher housing prices.” The politician indicated that his group is focusing on the apartment rental program.

A wave of hate surrounds the government’s #NaStart programme

Let us remember that at the beginning of last April, the Ministry of Development and Technology submitted a draft of the mortgage support program for consultation. Then a real storm broke out. The then minister, Christoph Heitmann, did not hide his astonishment at what was happening around the government program. – I was surprised and very worried by the atmosphere surrounding the program. He added that this information sparked a wave of hatred from the beginning. The main objection was that the loan was 0%. It will increase already horribly high housing prices.

– We initiated public consultations, aware of the risks associated with the program. “From the beginning we were aware of the greatest risk and communicated it ourselves regarding a possible increase in prices,” Minister Heitmann said. At the moment, consultations and work on the final version of the project are still ongoing – Mikołaj Vidzinski mentions in his text. “It is assumed that about a month and a half will be needed until the final draft of the law is ready, which will be sent to the House of Representatives if there is approval from the entire government,” said Jacek Tomczak, Deputy Minister of Development and Technology. “.

#NaStart programme. Key assumptions

new The government program aims to replace the “2% safe credit” introduced by the previous PiS government. The new idea provides for subsidizing the mortgage interest rate for people who want to buy their first apartment in the primary and secondary markets. The interest rate on the preferential loan will be 1.5%. (in the case of one person or a couple without children) to zero (for families with five or more people). The government program is aimed at individuals up to 35 years of age and families consisting of at least two people (with no age restrictions). The proposal stipulates maximum loan amounts depending on family size. The maximum limit per person will be PLN 200,000. PLN 400,000 for couples. PLN, for a family of five people it will be PLN 600,000. PLN (plus an additional PLN 100,000 for each additional person).

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