“Get me out of here!”: Audrey Roger learns to trust herself in Panama

Actress Audrey Roger returns from the jungles of Panama with renewed confidence in her abilities.

Yes, the 25-year-old was eliminated in the episode Get me out of here! Aired on Sunday.

Audrey Roger chats with her best friend Rosalie Vaillancourt in Panama.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

“It has strengthened me in life in the sense that I am no longer afraid of anything. I know I can face my fears,” he told QMI Agency.

As we saw in the 13 star hotel challenge and the last elimination challenge, she is no longer afraid of frogs and toads, her fear? “I’m not going to put myself in any position, but I’m going to make myself less afraid,” she promptly responded to this teasing question.

Audrey was also able to trust Dave Morissette, with whom she was very close.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

“I’m sure now that I can do anything I want, I just have to believe in myself. I used to have faith, but I didn’t know it. Before, I was afraid of failure, but now I seem to be more brave.

The actress who shone in serials like Red bracelets And Crime free plan Formed strong bonds in the Panama jungle, with Dave Morissette and Rosalie Vaillancourt, his “friends for life.”

Photo provided by TVA

“It made everything so much easier. It made me fight to be with Dave and Rosalie.

At first, she expected that Rosalie was going to get on her royal nerves, but things quickly clicked between them, to the point where they were constantly texting each other and seeing each other regularly.

“I don’t know what I was basing it on to say initially that she was going to bother me. In the end it was a very beautiful discovery. I love her energy, we are both young at heart and we love to have fun, laugh, play characters and do silly things. We are capable of having very intense moments.

Of Dave, she says he’s physically imposing, but she’s seduced by his “great sensitivity.” “He wants the best for everyone, he’s very empathetic, human, he’s just a really wonderful person,” said Audrey, who also sends flowers to Claudine and Alex, whom she couldn’t do 13-Star without. The hotel challenge.

Audrey Roger, here in the bathroom of a 13-star hotel, is scared, and she’s especially afraid of frogs.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

“He had to ask me to leave, otherwise I would have stayed there. It was lucky that I was with Alex, otherwise I don’t know who else I could have done this with, he is the leader of this challenge,” he underlined, recalling the famous challenge where the candidates were electrocuted.

Currently, Audrey Roger is busy shooting for the series WarningsA plot involving ballerinas that can be seen this fall on TVA.

Chapters of Get me out of here! can catch TVA+.

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