The program “Cold Truth” was broadcast on TV Republika.  Schocki: The fundamental problem is the ideology of science

On Sunday at 8 pm, the premiere of the film “The Cold Truth” was shown on Telewizja Republika, which tells the behind-the-scenes story of the great climate lie. After the film, politicians and climate activists participated in the discussion.

One of the guests was Law and Justice MP Krzysztof Szczocki.

-I work at the University of Warsaw. In the past, I have applied for grants and participated in various research teams. The main problem I noticed is the ideology of science. It is a separation from rational foundations, and is based on some assumptions that do not stand up to rational criticism

– He said.

I admit it “Ideologies and fashions are increasingly emerging in the sciences that you have to subscribe to in order to get a grant.”

Whether this or that scientist is right on climate must be determined in an open and honest scientific debate. A world where no scientist risks losing his job. In science, majority votes do not decide. Truth is not determined by voting. The truth is proven as a result of reliable scientific research, independent of external influences

– pointed out.

“All this environmental pressure makes many scientists afraid to address these topics honestly,” according to Schocki.

The issue of the environment has been taken over by leftist circles. He concluded by saying: “We as conservatives and Christians say that man is responsible for nature, and is supposed to take care of the earth, but not at the expense of another human being.”

Source: Telewizja Republika,

Republic TV

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