June 7, 2023


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What's new in Android 13. Find out which phones will receive the latest update

What’s new in Android 13. Find out which phones will receive the latest update

Android is currently the most popular operating system found in almost all smartphones. However, there are always exceptions, and this is Apple and the iPhones that it produces, which are equipped with a completely different proprietary system. The latest Android update number 13 will appear in the market soon. Find out what it offers and check if your phone is receiving the update.


Android – What is this?

Android is an operating system based on Linux kernel. It is designed for mobile devices such as:

It manages the basic resources of equipment and provides the user with a graphical interface, with which it is possible to use the advantages and functions of a particular device in an intuitive and simple way.

The system development company announced some time ago that it is working on the thirteenth version of Android called Tiramisu. Moreover, it is almost ready, so we know the main new features and improvements that are included in the system. There is also a draft list of phones that will receive the update.

Android 13 Tiramisu – News

  • improved management of permissions and notifications in applications – it will be possible to grant them for a specified period of time, and then they will expire;
  • As with iOS, granting media access permissions will now be divided into photos, audio, and video;
  • A number of improvements for owners of folded smartphones – incl. in the field of multimedia control;
  • New privacy settings to increase user privacy;
  • dynamic icon appearance settings;
  • Expanded multimedia control;
  • Enhanced multi-window mode which will now be active by default for any application;
  • The same goes for full screen mode;
  • Specify a specific language for a specific application;
  • Gesture operation improvements – it should be better recognized by the system.
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As you may have noticed, these changes aren’t particularly groundbreaking. Critics describe Number 13 as “more beautiful but less effective”. Perhaps the creators will take into account people’s voice and make some minor corrections to the official premiere.

What phones will get the Android 13 update?

We have included the list of phones that will receive the latest Android 13 Tiramisu in gallery form, broken down by device manufacturers.

Check if your phone is getting the latest system version