Survival Inspired By The Last Of Us Built On Unreal Engine 5 - That's Rooted
March 18, 2022, 10:18

Unreal Engine 5 offers a whole lot of possibilities, and most of them seem to be using the Rooted project. The game is still in a very early stage of production, but it really impresses with its graphics.

Craving for ultra-realistic graphics and expressions from Unreal Engine 5? You may like the Rooted Survival Game Project. Developed by a group of five developers, this production offers not only detailed lighting and compositions, but also advanced physics.

What is the roots?

If you have a red light with the caption “Hello, but it looks” in your head the last of us“So you are actually right. The game’s creators – who shared the game’s logo on Twitter – wrote that in action rooted It is inspired by the work of the Naughty Dog studio.

Survival game born on Unreal Engine 5 inspired by The Last Of Us - Illustration #1

Source: Twitter

About rooted We don’t know much. You can even say that Except that it’s a cooperative survival set in an inspiring world TLOWe don’t know anything.

Oh, oh, but this Unreal Engine 5 is cute

However, aside from the lack of any information about the game, it’s the physics that definitely catch the eye. The creators are trying to realistically reproduce the behavior of items attached to a backpack. We can already see that the animated figure makes them move.

  1. You can see the physics of the elements in more detail here.
  2. Here, in turn, is how the character reacts to a changing Earth

at rooted The dynamic lighting in the jungle is also impressive, although the revamped map in EU5 looked better in this regard. Riverwood from Skyrim. When discussing the topic of other projects based on the new version of the engine, it is worth mentioning the horror film WillAnd he’s floating expandable by Team Clout.

Returning, however, to staying inspiring TLO Is it worth pursuing the project? It remains to be seen, let’s face it – gaming isn’t just about looking good.

  1. Rooted profile on Twitter

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