The iconic Delta Force is back in a new version

After many years, the Delta Force series has finally come to an end. A new point of view. Delta Force: Hawk Ops from the TiMi Studios team is the official reboot of the popular shooter series. Production will begin in 2024, also on mobile devices.

Of course, there will be a release on standard platforms, such as PC, PlayStation and Xbox of both generations. A new project from the creators of Call of Duty: Mobile It will be available in a free-to-play form and will offer cross-platform and oogon gameplay. For up to 32 players. concrete and aogon. history and eogon. We will likely know the first shows during the Gamescom event, which & aogon; scheduled for August 22. day and sacrifice. Official teaser released.

First Game Details Pack & lstrok; & lstrok; Shadow Guo producer. How can we & egogon. will prove & cacute. From an interview published on the site IGNw Delta Force: Hawk Ops we will find the campaign & eogon; Single player rule & aogon; c & ogon; In the events of the movie “Helicopter on Fire”.. Network Mode is meant to provide & cacute; ć different terrain maps where you fight and dash; We will be on the ground, as well as in the air and on the water, using the tails of floating or flying vehicles.

Our goal was to maintain the original essence of the original Delta Force series while adding a modern twist, both technically and narratively– says & lstrok; power. “To achieve this & aogon; gn ˛ ć ś ś We have developed a realistic & aogon; feature & lstrok; ę ś We hired real actors to play the characters and & saint; We used & sacute; photography & eogon; to create & sacrifice; 3D world and capture the movements of professionals, soldiers and strikes“.

As a brief history lesson, the first installment of the Delta Force series first came out on PC in 1998. The last part &egon; ś ć – Delta Force: Xtreme 2 – & lstro; tail&lstro; Outside ; in 2009 but were not happy & lstrok; a & eogon; Joe & zdot; So huge and aogon. popular & sacute; ci˛. The string & lstrok; a & sacute; a & sacute; For the following years, until & zdot; So far.

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