Japan.  A wooden probe will fly into space.  It will be the size of a coffee mug

The wooden probe was built by scientists from Kyoto University in cooperation with the Sumitomo Forestry Corporation. The team set themselves the goal of finding a biodegradable material Alternative to metalFrom which Earth satellites are built. The reason for conducting this experiment was: Concerns about the state of the environment.

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– All satellites that will return to the Earth's atmosphere They burn and form small particles of aluminum oxideWhich will float in the upper layers of the atmosphere for many years – warned Takao Doi, Japanese astronaut and aeronautical engineer from Kyoto University, quoted by the “Observer”. He added: “In the end This will have an impact on the Earth's environment“.

Scientists were amazed by the properties of wood

After carrying out all the planned tests in the laboratory, the project manager admitted that “The wood's ability to withstand these conditions was amazing“The wood samples are still undergoing final testing, as they were sent to the International Space Station, where they were subjected to various loads for about a year.

Wood has also passed testing in space – It sustained minor damage. Scientists explain this fact by saying that there is no oxygen that causes wood to burn, and there are no living organisms that cause it to rot.

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Several types of wood were tested, including Japanese cherry, but it was found to be the most durable in space Magnolia wood. This material was used for construction Satellite of Kyoto.

The probe will be the size of a coffee mug

The final decision on the future of the probe has not yet been made, but scientists plan to send it into orbit Or later this summer With the American supply ship Orbital Sciences Cygnus, which flies to the International Space Station, Or during this year's SpaceX Dragon mission.

It is planned The probe will be the size of a coffee mugIn space, it will operate for at least six months before it can enter the upper atmosphere.

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