What's it like with layoffs in Poland?  The Central Bureau of Statistics released data on unemployment

822.2 thousand people were unemployed in March – Reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics. means The unemployment rate is 5.3 percent This percentage of those who are able to obtain work cannot find it. A month ago, it was 5.4 percent. A year ago also 5.4 percent. The data is much better than the Department of Labor's initial calculations showed.

From year to year, the number of unemployed decreased by 24.7 thousand. On a monthly basis, 23.1 thousand. Our unemployment rate was already lower, the lowest in October last year, but in March the situation had not been this good since the days of the Polish People's Republic. Therefore, rumors about the end of the “employee market” are premature.

There are mass layoffs, as can be seen from the notifications submitted to district offices, but either we only see announcements about layoffs that will occur in the future, or those who are laid off quickly find new jobs.

There is another circumstance that explains good unemployment statistics and increasingly frequent information about layoffs. It seems that many people are retiring or receiving disability benefits, because out of the 101.9 thousand who were disenrolled from unemployment, Sh. 53.4 thousand only The reason for canceling registration was taking up work.

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The number of job offers is shrinking

Unemployment is very low, but information about the number of job offers in employment offices is worse. This was reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics At the end of March, there were 50.5 thousand people waiting for applicants. Ready workplaces And it was him At 11.3 thousand less than a year ago In the same month, compared to February, this number decreased by 10.1 thousand.

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