“Indefensible”: Big changes in the role of Anne-Elizabeth Boss

A year after becoming a partner at the firm Lapointe, MacDonald & Desjardins, criminal lawyer Mary-Anne Desjardins made a life-changing (and very surprising!) decision.

If you haven't seen Tuesday night's episode yetUndeniableDisclosure warning sounds here.

Much to the consternation of her partners, André Lapointe (Michel Laperrière) and Léo MacDonald (Sébastien Delorme), who trusted her and profited from her, Mary-Ann decides to join the “enemy camp” by becoming a Crown attorney. !

Anne-Elizabeth Bosse and Sébastien Delorme

Martin Alary / Le Journal de Montreal

Anne-Elizabeth Bosse and Sébastien Delorme in a scene from “Indefensible.”

Her decision, announced in Tuesday's episode, is irreversible and her contract with DPCQ, which will result in a huge pay cut for Mary-Anne, has already been signed.

Feeling betrayed, Leo doesn't get the message, but no. Her colleague, friend and ex-lover don't understand this leap into Marie-Anne's void, who has returned to the South for several weeks to pick up her life after two miscarriages.

In an interview with the QMI agency, actress Anne-Elisabeth Bossé talked about this turn for her character from her audition in the winter of 2022. So it's a vein the actors wanted to exploit from the start. The creators of the series, The Host of the event Isabel Chevrier and his late wife me Richard Dubey died suddenly last January, which represented “a great shock” to the Mary-Ann translator.

Marie-Anne's partners Leo (Sébastien Delorme) and André (Michel Laperriere) swallow the news the young woman announces to them.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

Marie-Anne's partners Leo (Sébastien Delorme) and André (Michel Laperriere) swallow the news the young woman announces to them.

This change of professional direction for Mary-Anne was “not a coincidence” and was rare but not unusual.

“It's not a decision made, because I'm no longer available, and it will be easier. From the beginning, we remember that Mary-Ann returned to plead, and this season she was attacked again when an accused pushed her, and she lost faith in the defense,” said Anne-Elizabeth, a new dynamic. “Good for history”.

3 is lesse Saison?

From actionInsecure The focus is on the office and the accused, and the Crown prosecutors are in rotation, with Anne-Elizabeth Bosse less likely in 3.e Season, right?

Martin Alary / Le Journal de Montreal

“As of right now, I'm only halfway through season three, and we're starting my first cause [procureure de la] crown. It's a big, very twisted, complex test, with a lot of gray areas. A famous chef like Ricardo, accused of killing his wife,” revealed the actress who returned to the shoot.Insecure 6th from

“I'll probably be there a lot less, but that's to be determined. […] What's fun about the idea of ​​my character stopping the storyline from time to time is that it opens the door to other projects for me.

Mary-Ann took a step back in the South to reflect on her personal and professional life. Actually the actress was acting in the film Our sisters And could have returned earlier in the storyline, but the production decided otherwise. This allowed more space for the firm's new attorney, Kim Nolin (Julie Trepanier).


Mary-Ann will announce another important change in her life at the end of Year 2e The season finale, this Thursday, rocked all fans of the popular legal fiction.

The series is produced by Pixcom in association with Quebecor Content Insecure Airs Monday through Thursday at 7pm on TVA. Watch all episodes TVA+.

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