What will the second season of “The Last of Us,” the HBO Max based on the cult game, be about?
Although the first episode of “The Last of Us” has just begun, receiving wings of praise from viewers, critics, fans of the game and those in the know, the creators are already planning for the next season. What will he talk about?

What will the second season of “The Last of Us” be about?

In a previous interview, Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog game director and co-writer of the series, said that since season 1 covers all of the events of season 1, season 2 probably won’t be feature-filler, but it will. Follow the supplement path. Yesterday, Craig Mazin, showrunner and co-writer, hinted that we could find out more about the so-called. The Seraphim and their prophet. So he partly confirmed Druckmann’s words and partly denied them.

Who are the Seraphim? Without going into plot details, it is a religious cult that we meet in the sequel – the woman who is the prophet and the foundation of the faith of this cult does not appear in the game, but we find her image in places of different faith, on murals, reliefs, and temporary shrines. Mazen claims that the next season could be an excellent opportunity to delve into different stories from before the pandemic, including this character’s story and the events leading up to Joel and Ellie’s meeting. This will, of course, be the basis for a modern narrative in which we continue to follow the main plot. what do you think about this idea?

“The Last of Us” – about the series

The Last of Us is based on the hugely popular video game from Naughty Dog. The series takes place 20 years after the fall of civilization due to a deadly fungus. Joel (played by Pedro Pascal) is assigned to extract 14-year-old Ellie (Bella Ramsey) from the quarantine area and bring her to an organization looking for a cure. The arrangement seems simple. However, it soon turns out otherwise, and Joel and Ellie will have to learn to rely on each other if they are to survive their travels across a devastated United States.

Chernobyl director Craig Mazin and The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann are in charge of the project. The cast also includes Merle Dandridge, Nick Offerman, Nico Parker, Gabriel Luna, Anna Torv, Storm Reid, Jeffrey Pierce, and Murray Bartlett.

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“Another would be a pedestrian.”
Author: Michel Walkeeks

The question of a good video game adaptation is really a question of the foundations of its language: How much can we trade off for controlling the story? The unique mixture of cinema, literature, fine arts and some other things is not only devoid of interaction; The curtailment of its narrative potential seems even sharper. That it is possible to get out of this trap, we learn from the big bell – Takashi Miki rewrote the comic series “Ace Attorney” in the avant-garde language of “anime anime”, and Christophe Gans captured the “soul” of the “Silent Hill” series thanks to fidelity to the original visual concept. And that there is no recipe for success, we know even without the back-to-back failures of high-budget movie adaptations of games. Their box office victories sometimes prove that the one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind.

You can find the full review here

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