Description, what is the movie about, is there a book, where can it be seen?

The powerful, suspenseful thriller premieres today on Netflix Anywhere It is a story about an unequal battle in which lives are at stake. What do you expect from the production?

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Anywhere -What is the subject of the movie? a description

The pregnant heroine must escape a country ruled by a dictatorship, running out of resources and no hope. He spends the journey in a container that ends up at sea during a storm. From that moment on, the woman begins to struggle for her life.

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Its biggest enemy is the berserk element.

Anywhere – When will it premiere on Netflix?

film Anywhere You can watch starting today So as of Friday, September 29, 2023 on Netflix.

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The film is a Netflix original.

Anywhere – He ejaculates. Which stars appeared in the film?

In the movie Anywhere We will see two actors who played the role of survivors of dystopia: Ana Castillo (Perfect story) Tamara Novasa.

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Among the creators of the Spanish production are Albert Pinto, Ernest Riera and Teresa de Rosendo.

Anywhere – Opinions

film Anywhere It’s a really powerful movie. A bloody, dramatic struggle for life, circumstances that rob you of hope and a raging element. It’s nearly two hours of truly gripping action! A perfect suggestion for a September evening.

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Anywhere – books

If you are looking for an interesting and engaging story like the movie AnywhereWe recommend the book great Escape. Robert Harris He creates a story about revenge, religion and power.

book great Escape You can buy it at a good price below:

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