'War with Grandfather': A Family Beaten by Robert De Niro

“War with Grandpa” It is the story of Hazem’s grandson who struggles with the head of the family, who accidentally takes his room. What comes out of it will give you a constant burst of laughter.

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The main character in the film, Peter, was in cloud nine when he learned that his beloved grandfather Ed (Robert De NiroHe will live with him in the house. The boy’s joy does not last long, because it turns out that the old man will take his room and will have to move to the attic. Peter loves his grandfather very much, but he wants his corner back even more. No choice but to declare war on the Sheikh!

With the help of his friends, he comes up with more perverted, sneaky and totally crazy ideas to achieve his goal. However, grandfather turned out to be a worthy opponent. Instead of giving up, he tries to equalize, which his old friend Jerry (Christopher Walken). Once Ed and his grandson were great friends, now they are on the warpath. Who will be the victor in the fierce struggle of generations?

Oscar-nominated Uma Thurman (“Pulp Fiction”) and Hollywood child stars Juliocesar Chavez (“Transformers: The Last Knight,” TV series “Kidding”) and Laura Marano (“Lady”) appear alongside the big-screen legends in “War With Grandfather “Flying”). Tim Hill, creator of the hit works: “Alvin and the Chipmunks”, “Garfield 2” and the animation “Hope”, was behind the film’s camera.

– Tim Hill’s latest movie, before it was shown on cinema screens, was subjected to a number of disturbances. This painting, based on a book by Robert Kimmel Smith first published in the 1980s, was ready in 2017, but was put on shelves right after production was completed. All thanks to Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual harassment, whose studio was responsible for distribution. The piece was not forgotten, but the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic – as in many other cases, loud and costly – complicated the already unclear situation of the “War with Grandfather” – writes Rafai Galbiak in a review for Interia.

The Interia reviewer also summarized Robert De Niro’s screen performance.

De Niro combines many of his previous roles here. Two in the foreground: A sassy old man celebrates with his grandson in Florida by saying “What do you know about your grandfather?” (Der. Dan Mazer, 2016) and the old man of “The Apprentice” (Der. Nancy Meyers, 2015), take on new career challenges, just not retiring. He is an actor who does not have to prove anything, so his participation in “War with Grandfather” is not particularly offensive, and the more echoes “Everybody’s Fine” (Der. Kirk Jones, 2009), in which he plays Galbiak writes that because of him, the widower decided to visit His three children one by one to see how they are doing, while turning their lives upside down.

‘War with Grandpa’ wouldn’t have been made if not for… fifteen-year-old Trey Burt. After reading Robert Kimmel Smith’s 1984 film “War with Grandpa,” the boy asked his parents to show him the movie version. When he found out there was no such thing, he asked his parents who work in the film industry to fix the error.

In an interview with The Times of Israel, the 15-year-old revealed the scenes of the film with Robert De Niro. “I realized that my parents were making films, so I asked my mother to make a movie based on my beloved book,” Tre Peart said.

In fact, Rosa and Marvin Peart work as media consultants and have produced several films, including. “Escape from Planet Earth” and “Life of the Line” with John Travolta. And so this trio began working on the project. Naturally, Tre Peart chose the main character.

Watch War with Grandpa in POLSAT BOX GO!

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