What is the longest Ryanair flight?  You will fly it from Poland

On the one hand, airlines must adhere to regulations and regulations, and on the other hand, they want to use aircraft as efficiently as possible in order to make money. Simple mathematics tells us that 6 flights per day on one plane is the optimal scenario – more passengers means more seats sold, priority boarding, baggage and food on board. This is exactly the number Ryanair is targeting.

This means that it is profitable for Europe's largest airlines to fly short distances but often. last year The average Ryanair flight length was 1,221 kilometres. This is slightly more than the flight distance from Poznań to London. Despite this, Ryanair offers much longer flights. Interestingly, as many as three of the longest flights depart from Poland.

Although we are talking about Ryanair's longest flightThe adjective “worst” is not a specific offense. While many regular lines take passengers on longer routes in slightly larger and more comfortable machines, the Irish carrier is not particularly concerned about this. An hour or five, and our seat would likely be cramped, and the plane would fly loaded down to the last cubic centimeter.

What is the longest Ryanair flight? The flight takes up to 6 hours, during which the plane covers a distance of 4,092 kilometers. We're talking about flying FR6121 From Warsaw Modlin Airport to Tenerife South. I even found a sarcastic term for this connection on the Internet – it's “Michael O'Leary's horror tube.” Of course, this refers to the extremely uncomfortable conditions that passengers have to endure for 6 hours of travel. In fact, Ryanair can crush you, especially on such a long route.

It is interesting that the next one is longer Ryanair flights They also start from Poland. The second and third places on the podium belong to flights from Krakow Airport. this Krakow-Tenerife flight (The same destination mentioned above). The flight takes 5 hours and 40 minutes, and the plane covers 3,922 kilometers during this period. The platform ends the journey From Krakow to Gran Canaria – 5 hours and 35 minutes, in addition to 3855 kilometers.

This is what Ryanair's ten “longest” flights look like:

  1. Warsaw-Modlin – Tenerife (6 hours), 4.092 km
  2. Krakow – Tenerife (5:40), 3922 km
  3. Krakow – Gran Canaria (5:35), 3855 km
  4. Budapest – Gran Canaria (5:25), 3696 km
  5. Berlin – Tenerife (5:20), 3672 km
  6. Dublin – Paphos (5:25), 3667 km
  7. Madrid – Amman (5:45), 3659 km
  8. Berlin – Gran Canaria (5:20), 3618 km
  9. Vienna – Tenerife (5:20), 3616 km
  10. Vienna – Gran Canaria (5:10), 3547 km

It is interesting, even such a long trip as this Maudlin-Tenerife Road More powerful operation of the aircraft is not ruled out. The machine takes off from Poland at 7:00 a.m., arriving at Tenerife Airport at approximately noon local time. Then the procedures for the return flight begin, which will arrive in Poland on the same day at 7:20 pm.

Is this the end of the plane's “working day”? not necessarily. According to simpleflying.com, the plane sometimes makes an evening flight to Burgas at 20:05 and returns to Warsaw-Modlin Airport around 00:45 the next day.

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