The date of the end of the world is already known.  An asteroid with the power of 24 nuclear bombs will destroy Earth?!

NASA regularly informs us of threats hurtling toward our planet that seem downright dangerous. It's no different now. It turns out that one of the most dangerous asteroids called “Benau” is capable of breaking the Earth, and its impact is supposed to resemble the explosion of 24 atomic bombs. The date of the end of the world has been announced!

History of the end of the world Already known and scares a lot of people. When will that happen? Scientists have given a definite answer. Each of us has witnessed at least a dozen apocalypses. We've heard about them on the news and even seen terrible movies like Doomsday, the day after tomorrow, or Don't look up. Aside from the suspenseful edits that often appear constantly, what scares us most is seeing scientists regularly reporting on potentially dangerous objects hurtling towards our planet. This time is no different because recently NASA announced the end of the world. Earth will be destroyed Asteroid Bennuthe impact force of which should be comparable to the synchronous force 24 atomic bombs exploded. It turns out that Pinau was discovered in 1999 and scientists have been monitoring it closely ever since. Interestingly, in 2018, a probe was sent to the asteroid to collect samples and is expected to return them to Earth on Sunday, September 24.

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Will asteroid Bennu lead to the end of the world?

NASA announced the date of the end of the world. asteroid He specifies About to hit our planet In less than 160 yearsexactly On Sunday, September 24, 2182 AD. Interestingly, this asteroid is small in size, with a diameter of 490 meters, but it poses a danger to Earth due to its distance from our planet. ABC News reported that the asteroid Bennu passes near our planet approximately every six years, and that its last close encounters were in the years 1999, 2005, and 2011. Will the world really end after 159 years? Nobody knows that. Currently, NASA reassures the public by saying that the probability of an asteroid colliding with Earth is very low. However, if this happens, the potential damage could be up to 600 miles from the point of impact. According to NASA, there is a 1 in 1,750 chance that Bennu will hit our planet.

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Do you believe in the end of the world?

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