PS Plus Extra - Sony, you don't care about regular customers like that!
March 30, 2022, 13:43

Like a man knows, however he was a bit deluded. Unfortunately, not only does Sony’s new subscription offer challenge Game Pass, it gives no reason to even consider the more expensive Extra version. It could have been done differently.

After a bit of relative laziness in industry news since the purchase was announced Call of duty With additions by Microsoft, the end of March brought two discoveries. The first is, of course, an official confirmation of the next stage work the witcher By CDPR, backed up by the mysterious image of a lynx that generates numerous speculations! The second is New PS Plus Sony subscription for PlayStation consoles announced.

We’ve been expecting some response from this site for Game Pass for a long time and in general Most careful confirmed Predictions that Sony does not intend to match or outpace Microsoft’s offering. After reviewing the long list of common terms such as “premium” and “extra”, I got the impression that Sony really wants to double its impact on the current subscription method and does so without much effort, without giving much in return.

Offer to new clients?

With one exception – for people just entering the PlayStation world. For them, an approximate view PLN 65 per month to access multiple hits from PS4 times seems like a useful alternative to buying used games and in promotions. Of course, bearing in mind that they will mostly be really valuable products, not some “stuffing” from the endless collection of trash found in the PS Store. It is a pity that we did not recognize many items from the announced list of 400 games. titles like God of War if Spider Man Sounds good, but a few of the slightly obvious examples are a bit disconcerting – as if Sony has nothing to boast about yet. Maybe there are talks with publishers going on all the time until something gets better here by June?

For the rest of the players, who have played the best and least popular productions for years with DualShock in their hands, the new offering is not very attractive. Being alone in this situation I wouldn’t pay nearly double the current PS Plus subscription fee to play a PS4 game I missed or didn’t have time to check out. Sony can really get to the gamers here and add these games to the existing subscription version, which only increases the price nominally.

Retro isn’t for Poles – yet

The most expensive version of PS Plus Premium in our country is a trial version so far – we do not have access to the PS Now cloud service. But even if it somehow appears by June after so many years of waiting, And so it will still be a fairly convenient option to redirect fans or people who want to come back to some titles every now and then.. After all, for several years it was not for production that we decided to pay for the service – especially in the most expensive option!

We pay for subscriptions to get access to the latest or close to the latest work, so we can check the title out loud on premiere day. Would we be excited about Game Pass, if there were core elements that have been known for years and mostly tested, like Dishonored 2, Fallout 76 or Alien: Isolation? Maybe not that much. These are unexpected monthly announcements and news that are brand new hits Death Gate, Guardians of the Galaxy if the art of assembly It prevents us from canceling the renewal of this subscription. It’s unlikely that Sony’s planned catalog of 400 games will be expanded with new and bustling titles as is often the case.

PS Plus Extra disappointed me.  Sony doesn't care much about regular customers!  Illustration #1

How will this time-limited access to premieres be?

new Sony’s offer could gain a lot of traction if the temporary releases of games promised by the company were related to the latest products. ability to play GT7, horizon forbidden west if Questions and clanking, players will get something that will at least partially give them the feeling that paying a more expensive subscription really means some of the attractions of the new titles. At the same time, Sony will keep privacy in its creations and may sell some other copies, because some people may choose the “purchase” option, wanting to continue the game after the time spent in the “demo”. I just realized it with Cyberpunk 2077 moviebut it wasn’t Sony’s advantage.

It is a pity that this applies to the more expensive version of the subscription, and the mere mention of “select games” does not guarantee, for example, that all Sony products are exclusive. In general, displaying only two subscription thresholds will be more transparent.

At the moment, I have the impression that New versions of PS Plus are set up similar to mobile network offerings – Everything for new customers, and for the most loyal customers for more than a dozen years – a few zlotys discount on the selection of electronic invoice. Sony’s accountants did not focus on competing with Game Pass, but on attracting new users. And those who have always been present – will also contribute a lot, even if they don’t want to. Because you know what it’s like with subscriptions… We buy with a trial, for one month, and then some of us forget to turn off the auto-renewal, and some for several consecutive periods. Multiply that by thousands of thousands of people and a huge amount of what was previously PS Plus will turn into a double plus! But not necessarily for us. To paraphrase Neil Armstrong’s words, Sony’s new “abo” game is a big step for new players, but a small (and expensive) one for the rest of the community.

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