PS5 is ready for the holidays.  Sony prepares for a lively end of the year in Europe

Since the first presentation of the PlayStation 5, we can not talk about comfortable access to the new equipment. During subsequent meetings with investors, representatives of the Japanese company confirmed that they are trying to deal with the interest, although the problem is not the easiest. Last week, Hiroki Totoki reported that fThe company aims to maintain its goal and surpass PS4 sales at the same time since its inception.

Sony’s chief financial officer emphasized that the main goal is to offer the PS5 to every customer willing. Apparently, the company is preparing very intensively for the holiday season, which will be associated with even greater popularity of new consoles. As shown in The Sun Daily Over the past week, the Japanese has leased 3 Boeing 747s full of PlayStation 5 platforms from Seoul to the UK. Each machine was loaded with approximately 50 pallets of equipment.

Unofficially, the activities are said to be linked to a major pre-Christmas renovation at chain stores such as Amazon, Game or Argos, and more trips are set to be planned in the near future. Piers Harding Rolls, director of research at Ampere Analysis, commented on the reports, stressing that the Japanese strategy is to increase the availability of consoles by the end of the year.

“The transportation of goods by air for this long distance on a large scale is avoided because it is expensive, but companies can use it to overcome supply chain problems or meet demand at key times of the year because it allows controllers, in this case, to reach faster from factories to stores “.

The analyst noted that meeting customer expectations during the holidays may make it difficult to reach the new generation at the beginning of 2022:

Air freight will help increase the inventory of controllers, but may cause a longer dry period in early 2022 when we return to shipping.

So we can assume that Sony wants to please many European players. So far, it is not known whether similar flights will be directed to other countries of our continent, but let’s note that the islands are one of the largest in Europe, and the demand for PS5 in the indicated region is not weakening.

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