Sensitive companies and entities must submit a statement to freeze electricity prices in 2023!  The deadline is November 30, 2022. How to complete the permit for the licensee?

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Declaration from the beneficiary of freezing electricity prices – a downloadable form

The declaration of a freeze on electricity prices in 2023, and more specifically the declaration of the authorized beneficiary, must be submitted by small and medium entrepreneurs and, among others, schools, hospitals, municipal companies and municipalities. It is necessary to use the electricity price cap of PLN 785/MWh in 2023. Where do you find the permit and how is it completed? Do families also have to declare?


  1. When do you provide a statement of freezing electricity prices?
  2. Authorized recipient declaration – where to find?
  3. Licensee permit form
  4. How do I make a statement?
  5. How to fill out a statement to freeze electricity prices?
  6. Do families also have to declare?

When do you provide a statement of freezing electricity prices?

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (including sole proprietorships) as well as schools, hospitals, municipal corporations and municipalities must submit a statement to electricity suppliers about the use of the maximum Electricity prices 785 zlotys/MWh, i.e. 0.79 PLN/kWh.

If the advertisement is submitted by November 30, the price caps will apply from December 1, 2022. The advertisement has been submitted After November 30th Causes the price cap to take effect from the month following the month in which the ad was made.

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They must submit a statement

The statement must be submitted by public utility bodies that consume energy to meet their essential business needs, ie: schools, nurseries, children’s clubs, day care providers, hospitals, clinics, volunteer fire brigades, churches and other religious associations, facilities that provide round-the-clock care for the disabled, chronically ill, elderly, and nursing homes Family, social integration centers and clubs, occupational therapy workshops, social cooperatives, night shelters, heating centers, etc.

Authorized recipient declaration – where to find?

Consumers will find information and advertising forms at energy suppliers.

Licensee permit form

The advertisement template can also be downloaded below:

How do I make a statement?

The statement can be submitted in paper or electronic form (i.e. a file with a qualified electronic signature, a trusted signature, or a personal signature sent via email).

How to fill out a statement to freeze electricity prices?

To complete the declaration we need:

  • Name, registered office address, NIP or PESEL number, telephone number or e-mail address,
  • Contact details of up to two natural persons: the authorized recipient or his representative (lawyer, member of the board of directors of an LLC, etc.),
  • electricity consumption point (PPE) number,
  • the category of eligible consignee,
  • The date of concluding the energy sales contract or the comprehensive contract for all PPE,
  • The amount of electricity consumption (data used to determine the estimated portion of electricity that will be used for the purposes referred to in Article 5 (1) (2) (a) and (b) of the Law); in column 4 Electricity consumption must be saved, for example from 2022; It will be a forecast for the period December 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023; However, if the entrepreneur plans to purchase new appliances or increase production, based only on historical data, he provides estimated electricity consumption from December 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.
  • Data for the percentage of electricity from PPE used for purposes covered by the maximum price that are not covered by this price. in the last two table columns (5 and 6) Detail the value given in column 4 by entering the data of the percentage that the entrepreneur intends to use within the maximum price and above the limit; The sum of this data must be 100%.

Do families also have to declare?

Households to benefit from the maximum electricity price PLN 693 / MWh They don’t have to make a statement. The electricity seller independently makes the appropriate settlement for the recipient.

Only households who wish to benefit from frozen electricity rates in 2023 In increasing limits of 2.6 MWh or 3 MWh A statement must be submitted to the retailer by June 30, 2023. Sample statement and more information in the articleWhat documents do you need to provide to pay lower electricity fees in 2023?

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