Kowalczyk and Sasin "embrace" the fertilizer market

We check how much the prices of mineral fertilizers have changed over the past week, as the information about the suspension or reduction of production was presented by Polish fertilizer companies. How much will fertilizer cost in early September 2022?

Massive increases in gas prices are effectively slowing fertilizer production. The restrictions apply not only to Poland, but also to Lithuania, from which imports have recently increased. Confusion about nitrogen also translates into interest in other fertilizers. Are nitrogen and NPK fertilizers currently available? with you?

NPK fertilizer prices – September 1, 2022.

The situation in the NPK fertilizer market does not look bad, or at least not much worse than it did last week. Fertilizers are physically available from many distributors, but the economic profitability of their purchase continues to decline. Simply put, prices keep going up. The famous Polifoski from Zakłady Chemiczne Police, owned by Grupa Azoty, is available immediately from almost all the distributors we contacted. Usually, warehouses contain Polifoska 6, which contains NPK 6-20-30 and has an average cost of about 5200 PLN / ton.

Polifoska 5, that is, NPK 5-15-30, currently costs an average of PLN 4,850 / t. For Polifoska 8, that is, NPK 8-24-24, you need to pay about 5500 PLN / ton. Some companies that supply agriculture also offer Lubofoska in the 4-12-12 configuration with a value of about 3,150 PLN / ton, while Amofoski or Potafoski, which have been a little cheaper lately, we could not find anywhere anymore. On average, NPK fertilizer prices have increased by about PLN 140/ton over the past week. The highest price increase was observed in the case of Polifoski 6 and Polifoski 8, which were on average PLN 200 / ton more expensive than last week.

Less well-known fertilizers, imported, for example, from Lithuania, still appear on the market. In this case, the average purchase cost is respectively: NPK 4-10-22 PLN 3,900 / t, NPK 6-20-30 PLN 4,500 / t, NPK 7-20-30 PLN 4,900 / t t or NPK 8-20-30 PLN 5000 / vol.

Nitrogen fertilizer prices – September 1, 2022.

Unfortunately, the availability of nitrogen fertilizers appears to be much worse than that of NPK. It is currently difficult to find fertilizers such as UAN or urea. Its immediate availability was confirmed by only one in ten companies we contacted. UAN 32 currently costs about PLN 5,000/ton, while Pulrea urea costs on average PLN 5900/ton.

Over the past week, nitrogen fertilizers have increased on average by about 600 PLN / ton. The highest price increase was observed in the case of urea with an average of PLN 1200 / t, and the lowest increase in the case of anuel ammonium nitrate with an average of PLN 300 / t.

– At the moment we do not provide any nitrogen fertilizers. Delivery is planned after the middle of the month, but it is difficult for me to determine the prices and how many fertilizers will actually arrive – says a representative of one of the distributors.

The market situation for fertilizers based on ammonium nitrate looks a little better than in the case of UAN and urea. Of course, prices and availability depend on the manufacturer and nitrogen content, and may also vary locally. On average, the cost of CANWIL with a composition of 27% N, 4% MgO, 6.5% CaO is currently 4900 PLN / ton. Anuel nitrate with a nitrogen content of 34% is currently 5,300 PLN/t. Saletrosan 26 plus, which contains 26% nitrogen and 32.5% SO3, costs an average of 4700 PLN / ton. Pulan nitrate, containing 32% N, currently consumes PLN 5,350/t. Zachsan 33.5, which contains 33.5% nitrogen, currently costs an average of 5,600 PLN/ton. On the other hand, the YaraBela Nitromag, which has a nitrogen content of 27%, is estimated on average at PLN 5100 / ton. Some distributors also offer ammonium nitrate imported from Lithuania, which contains 34% nitrogen, with an average price of 5100 PLN / ton.

The government plans to reform the fertilizer market

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Henrik Kowalczyk, he is working with Minister of State Assets Jacek Sassen on the fertilizer production support system. Kowalczyk doesn’t want to go into details yet, but declares that it would be realistic to cut prices to a reasonable level. When asked about the mentioned plan, representatives of fertilizer distributors do not yet know what it will be.

– The exact price is today’s price, and what will happen tomorrow, in a week, after the next delivery or after entering some government program, I can not say – says a representative of one of the fertilizer trading companies.


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