Komisja Europejska może zdecydować się na śledztwo wobec Gazpromu (fot. arch.PAP/ITAR-TASS)

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Friday at the post-EU press conference that the investigation against Gazprom and the European Commission’s issuance of carbon dioxide emissions allowances as part of a market stability reserve are potential tools of the European Commission’s response to higher electricity and gas prices. summit.

Prime Minister Morawiecki summed up the two-day EU summit in Brussels

The scope of the EU’s powers and procedures are strictly defined within certain limits. These limits are the terms of reference granted, which are defined in…

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The Polish Prime Minister, summarizing the two-day summit of EU leaders, noted that his delegation strongly indicated the need for a study of Gazprom’s activities, which – he argued – could lead to a further monopoly on the gas market and an increase in gas prices.

Gazprom has nothing to fear?

– investigation against Gazprom This is a very good tool, said the Prime Minister, because the identification of illegal monopolistic practices, price dictation, and economic blackmail will allow an adequate economic response.

He added that another tool that could affect energy prices is the liberalization of the powers held by the European Commission under the mechanism Market stability reserve.

– By releasing, the supply of carbon dioxide emission allowances will increase and thus it will be easier to meet demand, thus the eternal law of supply and demand will operate in such a way that the price of carbon dioxide emission allowances will be reduced – explanation Matthew Moraveki.

Prime Minister: It was a good step against Russia’s plans

The Prime Minister also informed that the European Commission and European regulations had already done “a good thing” for the gas market: “By defending the third gas package (…) they removed the monopoly of the extension Nord Stream 2 In the form of opal, which runs along our western borders, and this is traffic that crosses the schemes of Gazprom and Russia, and the plans of Germany too, you can say. ” And he stressed that “it is good that such decisions were made, because they would at least limit Gazprom’s monopolistic aspirations.”

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The symbolic “golden welding” on the GIPL gas pipeline on the border with Lithuania

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