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Juan Jose Original, also known as , Very popular for generating known information and data about people from the entertainment and visual world; However, this famous TV presenter opened his mouth to everyone when he revealed that he has a son.

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It was during the broadcast of “Two-Night” that he was encouraged to tell an unknown part of his life, From this his descendants would have been born. The confession was given in a round of questions and answers, in which he participated with actress and presenter Jimina Cordova. When Omar Chaparro asked him if he would have a baby, no one expected him to answer, Amazed everyone.

Who is the son or grandfather of Pepilo Original?

After questioning the driver, Pablo Origal responded that there was such a possibility. “I do not know. I never knew! She got pregnant in Montreal, then I wanted to look for him, I could not find her., He pointed out.

Like Pablo Origal, with their mouths open, they stayed on the set of “Two-Night” when he revealed that his son was there (photo: with permission from TV)

The journalist, who was born in Lyon, had an affair with a woman when he was 22, she became pregnant and probably had a baby in her womb., But he could not confirm it, because despite trying to find them both at any cost, he did not track them both.

As the confession created a tense situation, true to his style and to end the moment, he himself released a joke about his son’s age: “You’re going to say right now: ‘I mean, the baby is already 60 years old.’Everyone started laughing when he said that.

Although all that is supposed to be son or daughter could have ended up there, no one knows who it is, if it is really his descendant.

Your followers want to know more about your son

After the brief revelation made by Juan Jose Origal, his followers wanted to know more, so they asked him to talk deeply about him. “Pablo, go live and tell us about your son”?, Already handsome like you “, Comments they left on their social networks.

Very little is known about the personal life of the driver of “TV with permission”. only that Never married and no offspring, Biological or accepted. What is clear is that he maintains close friendships with celebrities such as Sylvia Final, Lucia Montez and Laura Bosco who protect teeth and nails.

Celebrity TV presenter always uses his social networks to promote his show (Photo: Pablo Original / Instagram)
Celebrity TV presenter always uses his social networks to promote his show (Photo: Pablo Original / Instagram)

Who is Pepilo Original?

Juan Jose Origil, also known as Pablo Origal, was born on September 10, 1947 in Lyon, Guanajuato. He is a Mexican presenter, journalist, actor, singer and producer.

She began her career as an actor in Telenovola in 1998 with “Vivo Bor Elena”, where she plays the ‘Panamanian’. He is currently the host of the show “With Permission”.

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