March 28, 2023


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Wed - cast revealed.  Meet the ten heroes of the Tim Burton series

Wed – cast revealed. Meet the ten heroes of the Tim Burton series

Wednesday is the next show Tim Burton It will be made for Netflix. Production will focus on well-known production Addams family Wed Addams during his time as a student at Nevermore Academy. There he explores his abilities while the town is terrorized by mass murder. You will play the title character Gina OrtegaRecently, we also met the actors of her parents’ roles. Morticia and Gomez will play Catherine Zeta-Jones I Luis Guzman. Now the names of the other ten members have been revealed. What characters will they play?

Wednesday – cast and characters

  • Thora Birch (the walking Dead) will play Tamara Novak, who takes care of the dormitory on Wednesday. Tamara is the only “normal” person in the Nevermore Academies group, working in botany.
  • Ricky Lindhome (for knivesHe will play the role of a doctor Valerie KinbotA local therapist in Jericho has a special interest in her new patient, Wednesday.
  • Jimmy McShane Sharif will play Donovan Jalpina. He was born in Jericho and was not on his way to Nevermore Academy. He has an outstanding record with former Academy student Gomez Adams.
  • Hunter Doohan will play Tylera Galbina. He’s a Nevermore resident and will be friends on Wednesday. Tyler does not have a good relationship with his father Sheriff.
  • Georgie Farmer will play like Ajax Petropolis, a shy and curious academic student.
  • Moussa Mustafa series Eugene Oettinger, a student and one of the academy’s biggest freaks. He heads the beekeeping club at the school.
  • Emma Myers will play Enid SinclairRoommate on Wednesdays from the dorm. He comes from California, and descends from a family of werewolves from San Francisco.
  • Naomi J. Ogawa filming Yoko Tanako. She is a vampire and a popular student at the academy.
  • Sunday joy You will play Bianca Barclay, one of the most famous students. Her ancestors are mermaids and she has an extraordinary talent for persuasion.
  • Percy Haynes White will play Zafira Thorpea, a student of artistic personality from a wealthy family. His famous father is a famous way.
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The date of the premiere of the series Wednesday not yet known.

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