Blue Beetle – Raoul Max Trujillo defends controversial joke about Batman

about the movie scene blue beetle It’s been talked about for a long time, but it really skyrocketed after the official trailer was released. At the time, the material was widely commented not in the context of the action scenes in it, but in the part where one of the film’s protagonists calls Batman a fascist.. This term did not appeal to the fans of the Dark Knight, and they did not hide their indignation.

And while the controversial joke issue has already died down, the topic returned like a throwback during a recent upgrade blue beetle. In an interview with Al-Bawaba screen rant Actor Raul Max Trujillo defended said line from Uncle Rudy (George Lopez), claiming that it’s not only a little funny, but it’s also a subtle message..

First, what do you think he meant when he said Batman was a fascist? Because when I heard that line, I thought, “What exactly is he referring to?” I wasn’t entirely sure, but I think if anything, he just deleted it. It had a hidden meaning for me. Basically, to hell with Batman, Blue Beetle! […] Because he comes from the elite. The elite will always protect themselves. I think it can be explained this way. But either way, it’s just a very funny line.”

I remember it from today blue beetle It is shown in Polish cinemas. DC’s production, though doomed financially, has received a very positive reception from industry critics. At the time of writing, Angel Manuel Soto’s work has a 79 percent positive rating (based on 127 reviews) on Rotten tomatoes.

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